Aziani Updates

Good morning everyone!! Geesh this day is flying by!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!! 🙂 Mine was wonderful..I feel good about what I accomplished!!! After the gym yesterday Buzz and I went to our favorite little Mexican restaurant for some eats and a few cocktails. Nice..huh? The car just kind of drove itself into the parking lot! LOL! Ha! I suppose that is why I work out…so I can eat out. hehe! 😉 It was funny…we were drinking our after workout protein shake and it was just SO NICE outside that we didn’t want to go home. It was fun..I didn’t eat my normal tacos…I ate a taco salad instead. See much healthier. hehe! 😉 Hey we all have our cheat days and that was mine. It was a Sunday Funday for sure. The sun is shinning again today and the temp is supposed to reach 72. So nice..I love it! I have a busy Monday planned, but I wanted to stop by and post the last 4 hotties that updated on Aziani.

Wishing you all a great day/week ahead!!! Enjoy!!



Zoey Portland


Hailey White


Angel Smalls


Charlie Paris