Month: January 2020

WELCOME 2020!!!

Good afternoon everyone! A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! 🙂 It seems like everyone is pretty stoked for this new year and that is great! 2020 has a nice ring to it, right? 😉 I had an awesome 2019 and I am super excited to see what 2020 brings! I want to say thank you all for the love you give me, I really do enjoy sharing my life with you still…after all these years!! 🙂 🙂 I feel sooooo blessed to have such amazing people in my life… friends and family both. Speaking of family Buzz and I went back to AZ for Christmas…it was so nice spending quality time with fam!! We drove through Flagstaff on the way back and WOW, talk about a Winter Wonderland! Just gorgeous! I don’t miss AZ as much as I used to, probably because Las Vegas reminds me a lot of Arizona. I love the desert! Only thing I miss about CA is riding my bike at the beach. However, I am 100 percent happy with our decision to move out of CA. Vegas is even better than I thought it would be, now I know why everyone that lives here loves it. Well I should not say everyone, but most! 🙂 It’s a big small town!

Buzz and I hosted our first annual holiday ONESIE party, it was SOOOO much fun! We catered in food, had a ton of yummy drinks, played air hockey, did shots and got too drunk. hehe! 😉 I woke up the next day and people were sleeping all over my house, which I of course didn’t mind. No drinking and driving! It was funny…country music was blasting and people were starting to drink again. HA! I had a few Bloody Marys and just laughed at all the silliness. I am looking forward to next year already! 🙂

We also hosted a bowling night and that was interesting, lol! I haven’t bowled in so long, I am not very good but it was a blast!! We are going to try and do some type of get together once a month. 🙂 🙂 🙂

So did you all make a bunch of new years resolutions? I always set some goals for business and personal both. It helps guide me in the right direction. I have been KETO now for I think 35 weeks and I love it. However, it is time to make some changes to my diet. I have hit my goal weight, actually I lost a little more than I wanted. So I am going to gain a little more back. I feel so good, my energy is through the roof and my mind is so clear. I just know it’s time to change it up a bit. I had a HUGE cheat meal yesterday. Omg, Buzz and I were hungover so we decided to go out for Mexican food. It was DELISH! I came home and thought a Bloody Mary was a good idea and guess what? It was! LOL I could only drink one and I was ready for bed. hehe! My My My hangovers are bad as you get older. YIKES! I don’t have them very often…I don’t drink as much as I once did. They are BAD, they kill my gym days too. Any ways…it was a fun NYE, we went to a house party. We haven’t been out in so many years, so glad we went. One thing about Vegas is you can pretty much get anywhere in town in 30 min or less. LOVE that!

Well ….that’s about all for now. I am wishing you all a FABULOUS 2020!

Here are a few pics I wanted to share and if you know me…they are of my dog, my cat, food, drinks, nature, working out and friends of course! 😉 Talk again in February OR maybe earlier.