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Animal Lover!

Good morning!! 🙂 🙂 I hope you all had a great weekend!! It feels like Monday to me ..I pretty much took all day off yesterday so my days are messed up a bit. I had an interesting past few days. Saturday we met up with friends for lunch and afternoon cocktails. Fun times as always! My friend said he has been feeding some wild cats and wanted us to come see them. A fellow animal lover always wins my heart over! 🙂 He said a new cat arrived recently and he was defiantly not a wild cat, he was a house cat living on the streets. Ohhh that broke my heart. We played with him, feed him and as we started to walk away he followed us to our car. He wanted to come home with us. Buzz and I have been talking about adopting a cat recently, I can’t have any more dogs right now. I have a full plate with the 3 I have….  we thought we could bring him home and at least see if the dogs would accept him. We figured we could always find a home for him, he is better off at a no kill shelter than living on the streets. We took him over to the Emergency Vet on Sunday morning to make sure he didn’t have a chip (he doesn’t)…we kind of figured he didn’t since he is not neutered, but I wanted to get him to his owners if I could. I know I would want someone to do that for my pets. We have spent a lot of time slowly introducing them all …and two of my dogs like him and one is afraid of him. Sooo I am still not 100 percent sure he can stay in our family…time will tell. I have never had a cat before…he is the sweetest thing. He is pretty awesome and I hope we can make it work. I just can’t help loving all animals, they are so special. 🙂

Sunday we took one of my dogs to the park and then treated her to some new toys and treats. She had a blast! I think it’s good for them to have one on one attention some times. It was such a beautiful day, she loves riding in the Jeep with the top off.

It has finally cooled down here a little bit. Yay! Once again I have shut the a/c off. My birthday is Thursday and I can’t decide what I want to do yet?? It probably depends on the weather, I heard some rain is coming. I can’t believe I will be 45!! Omg, where does the time go!! It’s just a number right? hehe! I feel great!! I am happy and healthy in my life and that is what really matters. Life is good!

Hope you are enjoying your day so far!