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Sybian Cam Show Tonight!!!

Good morning! I slept in today…that felt very nice! 🙂 Guess I needed a little more sleep, I had some weird dreams last night. WOW..crazy thoughts must have been going through my head. Not bad..not good..just strange! I am excited for my members only cam show tonight, can’t wait to ride my Sybian LIVE! Woohoo! Hope you can make it. (6:00pst/9:00est) See you soon!! Here are a few pics of some past Sybian rides…there are many many more inside my members area. I bought it in August of 2005..and it is still going strong. Love that crazy sex machine!! 😉

I am taking today off. I am going to the gym and after that I am going furniture shopping. I would like to buy some new formal couches and/or chairs. Yay..I love shopping!

See you tonight!!! Have a great day everyone!! ENJOY!


This is my very first Sybian ride…Mmmm


A beautiful Tuesday!

Good morning! 🙂 It is such a beautiful day …80 and sunny. I had to take one of my dogs to the vet this morning at 7:30, which normally is not a big deal because I am always up before that. Well today I slept in until 7:15. oops! It seems to happen that way..ha! He had some teeth pulled awhile back so the doc wanted to follow up and make sure he was doing ok. He is!!! He is such a strong dog…11 years old, but seems so much like a puppy still…so happy and full of energy. Yayy! I love good news! 🙂

I scheduled my members only cam show for next Thursday the 20th!! Mark it down and see you soon!! 😉

Hope you are enjoying your day so far!!


Members Only Cam Show This Afternoon! :))

Good morning!! I am feeling back to my “so called normal self!” lol! I felt pretty yuk most of the day yesterday, but I did get over it. Good thing hangovers only last a day. Feeling strong and playful for my cam show this afternoon. Woohoo! Hope you can make it! I will see you soon!! 🙂

I need to get some work done and hopefully hit the gym before my show, otherwise I will be going after..and it gets busy at that time. We’ll see how the day goes. ENJOY YOUR HUMP DAY!