*Have a great Monday*

Good morning….Monday again? Boy..the weekends go way too fast. Don’t they? I hope you had a great one! Mine was nice. I accomplished a lot on Saturday so I decided to take it easy yesterday. I cooked for my dogs (see pics below)..I snuggled up outside on my patio with a good book…grilled out some burgers last night. It was a perfect relaxing Sunday. I took some photos of my dogs as they were scarfing down their breakfast this morning. I know..I am a dork! I just love making them happy. They have been on a homemade diet since January 7th. Meaning I cook all their meals with healthy “people” food. Why you ask? Well I just have not found any dog foods that are worth a crap. I know lots of people feed their dogs “raw” diets, but I am kind of scared of that. I just don’t want them to get sick..plus my vet is completely against that. Guess it is a matter of opinion. They are doing good on this diet. They have a ton of energy and are very happy! And no getting sick either..not to go into details about that, but you know what I mean. LOL! They are eating baked chicken, rice and lots of different veggies…topped with tomato sauce. Yummy! I bake them healthy treats too. I told you this was the year to get in shape…I meant all members of my family. *hehe* Any ways..just thought I would share some personal photos of my babies. I have something going on every day this week except Tuesday…so I have decided to take the day off and relax by the pool. The temps have been in the 90’s already..that means the pool is warming up nicely! I will have my pool cam on…so be sure to stop by to see my itsy bitsy bikini. (if I wear one at all) *wink* We are shooting new models on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The models happen to live in Arizona so that makes it very convenient. Sexxxy stuff coming your way! One last thing and I will stop my babbling! ha! Be sure to check out our Aziani store..everything is up and running now. Be sure to check back because more goodies coming all the time. New DVD’s, clothes, shoes, photos..etc… Lots of cool things will be added regularly. Have an awesome Monday!! ENJOY!


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