~~Happy Weekend~~

Good morning, happy Saturday everyone! Yeah…the weekend has arrived. I am working my tushy off right now. Between cleaning my house, cooking for my dogs, laundry and work…geesh! I am trying to get done by 2:00 so I can go shopping at the mall this afternoon. I am in need of a girly girl day. I also am in need of some sexy summer clothes and shoes. Well not really shoes, I think I have enough of those. My closet is too full of shoes that I don’t ever wear. Speaking of shoes. I am adding a pic of some shoes that I sold to a member. (see below) I will be sending them to New York today..a long travel. I just got done shooting a video so I figured I would walk around in them more for him. Aren’t I nice? hehe! AND believe it or not..they are totally comfortable. Not like most “stripper” shoes that I can not even stand in. I am such a klutz sometimes. Any ways..I did make an awesome video, it was FUN! A nice way to start the weekend. I am off now to get my weekend chores done so I can shop until I drop. Have a wonderful weekend! ENJOY!


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