~Happy Weekend Everyone~

Good Saturday morning! It felt so good waking up with no hangover this morning! Yeah! Wow..I really felt like pure crap yesterday and it pretty much lasted all day! I did make it out to the pool..did you wave to me? *hehe* I TRIED to drink a bloody mary, but couldn’t choke it down. Bad Rachel.. putting the poison into my body. Ugh! I am off the gym shortly..I was a bad girl this week. Obviously drank too much and didn’t get to work out as much as I should have. That’s ok..I love going to the gym on Saturday..it is empty! At least I have my energy back today..I went to sleep at 8:30 last night. What a fun and exciting Friday night. LOL! I have a photo & vid I want to share with you all. I looked outside on my patio yesterday and a momma quail and her babies were underneath my patio furniture. I love birds so I had to take a photo of them. I have never seen babies this small before. I mean they could barely walk! Soooo adorable. Any ways..I was not prepared for what happened next. When the momma saw me, she flew away leaving her babies behind. OOPS! I left the door open and one of them ran in my house. Double OOPS! While we were trying to catch it, the momma did come back for the other babies. However we had to catch this tiny little quail …I always heard not to touch a baby bird, so I didn’t. Finally picked it up in a red plastic cup and put him/her back outside. They did reunite and she had 5 babies following her around my backyard. Honestly, it was the cutest thing. It doesn’t take much to entertain me. 🙂 I so much enjoy the small things. Check them out below..the pic is kind of blurry but it was the only one I had. This story was a must share with you all. You know how much I love animals! Ok…I am off now to feed my babies and work out. Back home to clean my house and start my laundry. Woohoo~ I hope you all have a fantastic weekend..ENJOY your Saturday!


[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_Px5WJnC9o&rel-bs&rel=1 425 355]

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