My cute little tadpole..hehe

Good morning! Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.
I worked around my house yesterday and now it is super clean and I love that. I am still doing laundry ..which I don’t exactly like..but someone must do it. I was out washing my car yesterday in my driveway when a storm hit. Good thing I was almost done. Can’t say I have ever washed my car in the rain. ha! It worked out ok, I pulled it in my garage to dry it. Now it shine and sparkles. This is the first white car I have ever owned, I have always had black cars. It is so much easier to clean.
Today I have to work work work…I have so much going on the next few weeks with friends visiting. I have a friend from Australia coming in town on Wednesday. Amber and Dakota come a few days after that. WOOHOO…let the fun begin. I know I won’t work much while they are here…so I better bust my ass today.
I am posting a pic of my tadpole..isn’t he/she cute? hehe! I am not sure what sex it is, but I call it “Jaxson”..I like that name. Any ways, it is growing like crazy. I am thinking in the next few days “it” should have back legs. Pretty cool really to watch it develop. I read an article on the internet that they like lettuce…they DO! Since we had a storm blow through yesterday he/she got some fresh rain water. A very happy tadpole..toad to be. I don’t think it is a frog.
Any ways..enough animal chat.
I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday..enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

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