New Bikini Pics To Warm You Up ;)

Good morning!!! What a beautiful day in the it!! Now that my allergies are gone, I can spend as much time outside as I want. I still can’t believe how fast that shot worked. Wow! Awesome stuff! 🙂 I had a nice Saturday, I worked more than I had planned. I had a great workout..can feel it today. Ouch! I made a new chicken recipe for dinner and relaxed in the hot tub. It was a good day. Something weird happened last night though…my fire alarm went off in my house for NO reason. Omg, it was so unexpected… scared me. It is SO LOUD! When the fire alarm goes off, the security company does not even call, they immediately dispatch the fire dept. I think that kind of sucks, I think they should call first. They do call when the house alarm goes off before they dispatch the police. Any way..I did call them and tell them that everything was ok, but the firetruck was in front of my house 5 minutes after it went off. Seriously? I will never complain when sexy firefighters show up at my those guys. M’m M’m!! However, what a waste of their time. I couldn’t believe how bright the lights were, they didn’t have their sirens on, but they lit up my entire street. Needless to say it is never boring at my house…always something going on. Did I happen to mention how much I love those guys? hehe!! My heroes!! 🙂 I guess the next thing I need to do is figure out WHY it went off in the first place. ???? A mystery for sure!

I am going to work today because I want to take tomorrow off for Valentines Day!! I want to spend the day with my sweetie. It is going to be way to nice outside to work inside. I don’t feel like doing the traditional dinner out …I planned a relaxing day at the park, enjoying a picnic. 🙂

I updated my new bikini pics!! Hope they warm you up..make you hot! *hehe*

I wish you all a happy Sunday ahead! ENJOY!

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