Back from camping!

Driving up to Northern Arizona!


My 4 babies!

Mia’s first Razor ride!

Making some yummy dinner on the fire!

Happy Friday!!! Aren’t you happy the weekend is almost here?? I will be working most of my weekend because I just got back from camping up in the mountains. It was pretty awesome to go during the week, nobody was around. We camp out in the middle of nowhere so we usually don’t see a lot of people any way, but we do see a few and the traffic heading up and back was good too. I think I prefer camping during the week. It was great! The weather was amazing…80’s during the day and 50’s at night. Perfect!! It was Mia’s first camping trip and she was a little afraid of the RV…but on the way home she did much better. I have lots of mosquito bites! Ouch..I forget how bad those suck! I guess I will be buying some bug spray for next trip.

It was such a beautiful and peaceful trip …I had so much fun with Buzz and my doggies! Now back to work for me!!

ENJOY your Friday!!!




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