Weekend Fun!

Good morning!! What’s up with me waking up so early lately? I mean I like getting up early, but 5:00 is silliness. Only thing I can think of is I am sleeping better, deeper? I don’t know..but it’s all good. I get so much more accomplished during the day. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!! 🙂 🙂

Buzz shot the sexy Jewels Jade both Saturday and Sunday. We met up both nights for dinner and drinks. I love her…she is obviously beautiful and has a smoking body, but she is a really nice person with a big heart! And we all know the inner beauty is what really matters!!!!

I relaxed in my pool on Saturday…working on my tan a little bit. 🙂 Even Mia went swimming with me and Neo rested with his body pillow. hehe The other 2 dogs chilled in the nice a/c. Yesterday I shopped all day! I went to 3 different malls…I bought so many cute and sexy summer dresses, some more workout clothes, jewelry and of course shoes. haha! Shocking I know!

Buzz is shooting again today…the gorgeous Nicole Graves!!! We are once again doing dinner out tonight..yikes all this eating out is fun, but not exactly healthy! I have been kicking ass at the gym and doing cardio every morning first thing so I can cut myself a little slack.

A big thank you to Chuck for the sexy red bikini, I wore it on Saturday and will for sure wear it soon for a photo shoot. He also sent me a black one..thanks so much!! 🙂

I do have a busy Monday ahead so I should go get to work now. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!!



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