Awesome Colorado Pics!

Good morning!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!! I am just working away…still lots to do today. Hopefully I can manage to get it all done today. Whew! Here are a few pics from CO, I took a million, but obviously can’t post them all. 😉 We took one of my dogs, he had sooo much fun. We took the back seats out of the Razor and made him a comfy bed. He LOVES to ride! He ran free in the mountains, sniffing and peeing on everything. hehe, too funny! We found lots of snow on top of the mountains which was really fun since I didn’t get to see snow all winter. It was cold and windy up top….but the views were breath taking! This was a family vacation, but we got a chance to meet up with our good friends, they don’t live far from where we were. It was great seeing them again, we have been friends for 12 years. Time sure goes fast, doesn’t it? It was one of my favorite trips ever! The company, the beauty, the fun, the food, the drinks…and lots and lots of laughs. Life is too short peeps …remember to enjoy every minute you can!! Off now, need to get some work done. Have a fab Sunday everyone!!


Lunch in Frisco

Spending the day in Breckenridge

Frisco beauty

Riding fun

One of the many waterfalls in Frisco

Furry baby riding fun

Doggie and dad hiking

Mountain goat

We found some snow to play  in

True beauty

Friends Forever


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