*Cancun Fun*

Good morning! Happy Hump Day everyone! 🙂 It’s a cloudy chilly day in the desert, I like it! We sat outside by the fire-pit last night and had some sprinkles fall on us. I love stuff like that..it’s so romantic! 😉 I finally went through my Mexico pics so here they are. What a amazing trip!! Everything was wonderful..the food, the service, the cocktails, the room, the views and most of all my friends! I couldn’t ask for a better vacation!! 🙂 🙂 We went with our good friends Allie and Jake. If you want to check out her sexy website…click here

I am planning my next trip to Vegas in January. Yay!!! I hope you are all enjoying your December so far!! 2014 is ending soon…I can’t believe how fast time goes. I wish it would slow down sometimes..don’t you? Ok I am off..another busy day for me. Talk more soon!


My beautiful view from my room!

Seriously hunny? hehe

Pool time!

Hot tub and boobies go well together!

Silly boys!

Silly girls!

Pouring rain never stopped us from having fun!

Off to dinner in the rain!


Trying to get my boobies tan!

I love you baby!

Some creeper jerking off behind us! ~Ha Ha~

Jake catching his dinner! Not really..it was dead 🙁

My birthday drink!

Awww just love her!

Came home from dinner to this bubble/rose petal bath, candles and dessert too!

Buzz and Jake doing a Mezcal shot with a nice lady!

Spa Day!

Outdoor shower!


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