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Good morning…Happy Friday! Yeah..the weekend is “almost” here. 🙂 I am ready! I have had a busy week…I am happy about getting lots of work done..but tired! I am ready to relax a bit..and of course have some fun thrown in there too! I think I might go play in the desert today …pack a lunch and maybe a beer or two! I found a new beer…well it is not new, but new to me. It is a mix between beer and Clamato juice. is so yummy. It is already mixed..salt and lime too! M’m M’m! I am adding a cute little pic of two of my dogs snuggling. Look at how adorable that is? Such babies! Speaking of…I am off now to take them for their three mile walk..going to try and increase it to four in the next week or so. The weather is just gorgeous..sunny and high 60’s. Yeah..time to play! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend..ENJOY!
Rach Dogs cuddling