Day: February 11, 2008

Rachel Aziani @ the bar drinking Red Bull/Vodka~

Hey..Happy Monday everyone! I am out at a new bar celebrating Happy Hour. I discovered this awesome new little restaurant by my house the other day! It is an Irish Bar with fun music. I have my laptop and they have a wireless connection..isn’t that cool? All public places should have one. Arizona seems behind sometimes. I snapped a few pics on my iPhone so it is not the best quality..but I try! 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed your past weekend. I can tell you, my Saturday was a bit nuts, but Sunday was good. I have a hard time working on Monday and since I worked a lot this weekend..Rachel was ready for some fun. The Arizona weather is perfect right now..sunny & 75! Cheers! Have an awesome sure to check out my new video update. Wow..sexxxy stuff!
Rachel Aziani at bar drinking Redbull and Vodka
Rachel Aziani shows some cleavage