Penn & Teller Show..”Bullshit”

Hey Hey! Happy Friday and good morning to all you wonderful people! I am so happy it is Friday…and soooo ready for the weekend. I am heading to my niece’s birthday party..she will be the BIG 6 years old. Ha..what a cute age! My brother is having a cookout and he is such a wonderful chef..can’t wait to see what is on the menu! 🙂
Last night I watched a little TV which is rare for me..but it just so happened that one of my favorite shows was on. It is called “Bullshit” with Penn & Teller. Ever heard of it? It is awesome…you will laugh your ass off! Any ways it was a perfect theme for me! PORN!!!!!! Oh my gosh, it was sooo funny! He really put these hypocrites and ignorant people in their place~ It was great! I mean..come on people! is normal! Shhhheeshh!
Click Here to Check out their site.

I did see their show in Vegas when I was there last visit. See pic below! I was happy he took a pic with me! Cool guys..check them out! They are OK in my book! 😉

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend..ENJOY your Friday.
Penn & Teller show

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