~ A BIG thank you~

Hey Hey..Friday has arrived! Woohoo…the holiday weekend is here! This town is empty!! Everyone is leaving Phoenix to escape the heat. Smart people!! 🙂 I am staying close to home, mainly because my dog-sitter is out of town …lol, my parents that is. They sure have been traveling a lot lately…they are some of the smart people that are spending the weekend in a cabin up in the mountains. Ahhhh, nice! I am jealous! Oh well…I will probably hang at the pool and have a bbq or two. 🙂 Go swimming with my dogs..that is always fun to me. Life is good!

A big THANK YOU to Rob (Rob from the Netherlands) for this awesome birdhouse!! I love it! If you know me…you know I am a big animal lover and that includes birds. I am going to find the perfect spot in my backyard for it. It is almost too pretty to put outside, but I am sure some little birdies will make it home. 🙂 Thank you Rob…it sure traveled a long way and actually made it in one piece!! 🙂 I tried to cover up my boobies with it, but as you can see they are just too big. hehe!!

Ohhh and I must mention another “thank you”…Thank U Sophia Rossi for the sexy panties!! I told you that I would wear them!! 🙂

Have a great Friday everyone!!!!!!! ENJOY your holiday weekend surrounded by family and friends!

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