Thanks For A Fun Cam Show!!

Good morning!! Happy Hump Day! I woke up at 5:00 this morning with a monster headache..nothing that some Advil and coffee couldn’t cure. hehe! The last few days Mia has been jumping on our bed around 5:00ish..ugh! She is silly! She doesn’t want to go potty, she just wants to snuggle. She is such a snuggle bug, it is really cute! She is Buzz’s baby girl for sure! She loves us both, but she is totally attached to him! I don’t blame her..I am too!! 😉 I don’t let our dogs sleep with, that would be difficult with 4 dogs. They all have their own beds..but it’s ok to snuggle for a bit in the mornings. 🙂 I like waking up early, but 6:00-7:00 is my favorite time to get up..5:00 is a little too early for me. Once I wake up I can forget about falling back to sleep. The weather is finally cooling is cloudy and supposed to rain throughout the week. Hip Hip Hooray!!

Thank you guys for a wonderful cam show last night, I had so much fun playing my favorite glass toy and giving away two sexy pair of panties! I did record the show so it will be in my members area soon! I will schedule my next one shortly!! 😉

My to-do list is shrinking finally, I am sooo happy about that! I am going to meet friends today for happy hour! Woohoo..good times ahead!

Enjoy your day..make it great!


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