*Let It Snow*

Yay..Friday has arrived!! It’s feeling like Christmas around here! We had a storm last night with lots of rain, thunder and lightning which made for a long night since one of my dogs is scared of thunder. Ughh I stayed awake with him for several hours so I am a little sleepy today. Someone mentioned I should buy him a Thundershirt…anyone know if they really work? I am willing to try! Poor baby!!

Lots of snow is falling in Northern AZ which is awesome..I am so ready to go play in it for the weekend! I just hope the roads will be safe for traveling or we probably won’t go. We are planning to meet my neighbors and friends up there for lots of fun! Time to get out the warm winter clothes! 🙂 🙂

I hope you enjoy your weekend!! Here are a few more pics I wanted to share..can you tell I am in the holiday spirit? Hehe!






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