Monday Monday…

Hey everyone, I hope everything is great in your world! I have had some ups and downs this past week. Some good..some bad, but I suppose that is life, right? I always say to enjoy life to the fullest and I really mean that. Never know what’s going to happen next. Live in the moment! I did get to enjoy nature a bit, here is a pic of me and my baby doll…such beautiful scenery! I can’t believe Halloween is this Friday! Wow! It has been really warm sure doesn’t feel like October. I am hoping the temps cool down soon. 90 degrees in October kind of sucks, I am patiently waiting for the 70’s!! I watched the Cardinal game yesterday and YAY they won. They are doing good this season! The SuperBowl is here this year, it would be really cool if they made it. We’ll see! My 17 year Anniversary is this Saturday…once again, time flies! I think Buzz and I are going out for a nice dinner..we still haven’t decided exactly what we want to do. I did plan a trip in November, can’t wait to sit on the beach!! I am off now, I am wishing you all a happy day. Make it great..make it count!


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