*Doesn’t Get Much Better*

Hey everyone…happy hump day!! I thought I would stop by and say HELLO!! 🙂 I am still fighting off a nasty cold. Ugh! I was hurting over the weekend BIG TIME! I had the worst sore throat, headache, congestion and cough! I haven’t had a cold that bad in years. I am sure I picked that nasty bug up in Vegas. However, I am sooooo much better today. Every day gets better. I am still plugged up a bit, but my cough is almost gone! Yay! Did you all enjoy the Super Bowl? Wow..what a game. I got out of bed for that one…just to the couch. lol! We ordered a pizza and chilled with our furry babies. It has been pretty hectic around town with the SB and also The Phoenix Open Golf Tournament…seems like the tourists have gone home now so it’s safe to leave my house. hehe! It is so beautiful outside …it is hard to stay indoors. In my opinion this is the perfect weather..especially for February. I do love Arizona!! I have been working hard the past few days to catch up on work, errands…ya know “life!” 🙂 I am wanting to plan my next trip, but not sure where yet? I am hoping to get some play time in this weekend, get out and enjoy some nature. 🙂 🙂 I so need my nature fix! Oh and Valentines Day is next weekend, don’t forget your sweethearts!! I am off now, need to finish up some work and hit the gym. Oh joy! I hope you are enjoying your week so far!!


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