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***Make it a December to Remember ***

Good morning everyone!! HAPPY DECEMBER! These months just fly by…it’s nuts!

It actually feels like the holiday season/winter here in Vegas. It’s chilly, rainy and the mountains are covered in snow. I didn’t realize it snowed at such low elevation here. It’s beautiful! Buzz and I packed up the Jeep a few days ago and took a drive to the snow. It was great!!! I always need my nature fix and that did the job! 🙂 We did get stuck, but I know Buzz and that was his goal. He wanted to use his new winch to pull us out. lol 😉 I always say “Boys and their toys!”

It’s been 2 months living here and I can honestly say I love it! It feels like home! I really missed the desert the 2 years I lived in Ca.

Our studio is almost finished, we are shooting there, but our office is not quite done.

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving? I had turkey day at my house, just a small gathering, but it was fun. It rained all day off and on! It was a holiday filled with friends, food and football! Oh and air hockey. hehe 😉

My parents were here for my birthday, we had an awesome time!!! We ate a lot of delicious food, gambled a bit and spent time in Red Rock Canyon. I really don’t like to gamble much, but I did enjoy playing roulette and even won $40.00. 😉 HEY …it’s better than losing.

Buzz and I are keeping active at the gym, we found a spin class we like, but OMG it’s so hard!! We also found 2 Yoga classes that we like, but we might join a Yoga studio outside of the gym.

It always takes awhile to get settled in a new city! 🙂 Change is good!!!!! I am sooooo excited for 2020!!

Well I think that’s it for now. I will write again soon!! Have a wonderful month ahead!! 🙂 🙂 🙂




Where to start?

First I want to say Happy October everyone!! It’s time for my monthly post. 😉 So much has happened in my life since I last wrote. The main thing is that we moved to Las Vegas!

I am super excited about what’s to come! Sometimes you must make changes to grow. I am not afraid of change like I once was, I embrace it. 😉

California was a great stepping stone…I always told Buzz we would probably stay there 2-5 years. I was right, as usual. lol Just joking! 😉 I knew it would not be my final destination. Life is a journey and we must go where we are called to go. You just know…I always follow my instincts, they are never wrong. 🙂

I must say it feels awesome to be back in the desert with the warm sunny days. I don’t know a lot about Vegas yet, but I am liking what I see so far. It was great living by the ocean, but honestly I was getting bored of it. I think CA is a beautiful state, but it’s so overcrowded. I just can’t get over the traffic there. (at least in LA county) I just can’t justify wasting precious life sitting in a car surrounded by sooooo many people.  I would not change the experience I had there, I learned so much and met some awesome friends!! CA has changed me forever and I will always be grateful for that. The timing was perfect, as it usually is. 🙂 It’s now time to challenge myself in new surroundings. I am ready for new experiences and to strengthen a life I already love so much!! The past has been great, but looking toward an even better future! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are some pics I wanted to share! I hope you continue to follow me on my new journey! 😉










Hello September! =)

Good morning everyone! 🙂 Happy Labor Day…I hope you all enjoy the holiday with friends and family. I have some things to do, but I might head to the beach later. I always love September, means cooler temps and FOOTBALL!

I have been waking up so early lately…I have always been a morning person and I love my mornings. I think some of you can relate, but not many. hehe! 😉 It’s just so peaceful and quiet…I can get my thoughts and goals together for the day without interruption.

I have sooooo much going on right now, Buzz and I are getting ready for a big move once again. I don’t have time to go into details right now, but I will say I am so excited!!! I am so grateful for the present and the past, but looking forward to the future! Change is good, I can say I am not afraid of it anymore. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have learned to enjoy the journey…this thing called life is so short. I am ready to explore new things…and when I say that I mean out of my box things. (not adult)

I am continuing my fitness in full force. Buzz too! I am so proud of us both honestly…we have not only changed our bodies, but our minds in so many ways. A healthy lifestyle never felt so good. 😉 I have already toured the new gym that I will be joining and it’s amazing!! It offers everything I need and more.

I am going to be really busy now for awhile, but I will be sure to post here at least once a month. (maybe more)

Check out my Twitter and Instagram…I try and post there often. Here’s a look at my recent pics! ENJOY your day everyone…wishing you all the best.






Hello August!!!! ;)

Hello everyone!! August is almost half over already…geesh where does the time go???? The days/weeks/months just fly by! I have a lot going on now!! Lots and lots of changes coming into my life once again ….and I am sooooo excited about it. :)))) Details to come!

I have been working so hard on my health, I think I am actually addicted to physical activity for the first time in my life. I will thank Cross Fit for that. I love it! It is hard, but I love challenging myself. My body is changing and I am really happy with the changes.  I am still doing yoga, spin classes and exercising at the beach. I started jogging in the sand recently too. I can’t wait to get my breasts done (smaller) …I will be able to exercise better. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of BIG boobs, but the time has come for me to go smaller.

My parents were here visiting for 2 weeks. We had a lot of fun!!! 🙂 They are slowing down a bit, but we had a great time. Family time is the best time, I feel extremely blessed to have quality time with them still.

I FINALLY got in some camping time!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 A group of us got together and enjoyed nature. The weather was perfect…sunny and warm during the day and great tent snuggling weather at night. We hiked, ate some really good food, enjoyed some cocktails around the fire, listened to some good music and played games. Take me back!!!! 😉

That’s about all for now…I promise to write more soon!