Happy Hump Day~

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying your week so far! I have had better days. I had some major teeth pain for a few days and made it to the dentist yesterday. Ugh..had a pretty bad cavity so the dentist took care of that…and I also got a cleaning. My jaw was pretty sore yesterday..but feeling a lot better today. I will be leaving for Mexico soon and didn’t want any problems when I was out of the country. It is a quiet peaceful rainy morning today…I like it. I have a super busy day today…I have sooo many errands to run and of course hit the gym for a great workout. I will soon be on the beach soaking up some sun and sipping a margarita. Ahhh, I see it now! hehe! I plan on taking a TON of pics and vids too. I am adding a pic from my new update, I hope you will like it. I once again have to say thanks to “Jeff & Edie” for the beautiful corset and thigh highs they sent me. Such great taste from two amazing people! Thank you!!! Have a great Wednesday everyone..enjoy your day!

Sexy Corset

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