Day: March 5, 2008

~Coming home~

Hey everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your week so far! 🙂 My past few days have been super awesome..loving Florida a lot! I have seen so much! Drove up from Miami to Hollywood to Cocoa Beach to Orlando. I spent Monday with Amber & Jay..went out on their boat. It was super fun! Oh ..and they took me to a restaurant in their area and I did see some LIVE alligators in their natural environment. They creep me out! Probably not a big deal to some of you..but I have never seen an alligator outside of a zoo. One of the alligators is almost 40 years old. Wow..amazing. I took my pic with this handsome creature. ~hehe~ Yesterday I went to 3 out of the 4 theme parks …talk about FUN! Not sure how I got lucky enough to pick the perfect day..but I did! No lines for the rides which was amazing. The weather was great..cloudy and cool. It did rain for about one hour which I was thinking it might rain for a lot longer. Probably why the park was not busy. Once the rain hit I just happened to be in Epcot. They have this cool part of the park where you feel like you are entering 11 different countries and I got stuck in Germany so I had a nice cool beer and watched everyone get soaked in the rain. (including me) I was very glad I did not have on a white t shirt. LOL It was great! If you have never been need to visit at least once. DisneyLand in California is cool, but nothing like this. Fun stuff! I leave Florida and come back to Arizona tonight. I don’t have any plans for today yet..but I am right next to a mall. hmmm..very tempting to do a little shopping…maybe have a nice lunch. I will arrive at the airport early to return my rental car and hit the bar! Always makes flying a much more enjoyable experience. 🙂 I can not wait to see my dogs..I miss them soooo much! I will write more soon, time to make some coffee and plan out my day. I will post some pics when I get back home. Have an fantastic hump day!