Day: March 28, 2008


Good morning!! Happy Friday! 🙂 Yeah..gotta love that! I was at the mall this week doing some shopping..I pulled up and there was a car on fire! Very strange! I had my camera so I am posting a few pics. Of course I got all hot and bothered over the sexxxy firefighters. Yummy! They sure made my day. Of course I felt sorry for the owner of the car..crazy, huh? A webmaster convention started Wednesday night so let’s just say I have been having my share of fun and will continue until Sunday. If I last that long. ha! Today I am going to a few seminars and after that there is a party at Hooters that should be fun …several others tonight. I am taking lots of pics to share with you all. K? I was the designated driver last night, but tonight I plan on having a few cocktails. It will have to be a taxi night. I hope you all have a great Friday..enjoy your weekend!!!