Month: March 2010

Some fun in the sun! :)

Happy Hump Day!! Woohoo ..the middle of the week has arrived and I am happy about that. I did enjoy a little fun in the sun yesterday afternoon. It actually got pretty hot, I wish the pool water was warmer. I tried to put my feet in it..and OUCH, it was freezing still. Won’t be able to swim until May..I hate cold water, only thing it is good for is keeping my nipples hard. Ha! I snapped a few pics …but it is hard to take photos myself. I am not a very good photographer and my Iphone kinda sucks too. Oh well..I did my best! 🙂 I found this cool OPI gold polish the other day…so I painted my tootsies while I was out in the sun and yuk I hate it. It is so pretty in the bottle..I thought gold would look good. Nope! Time to get out a flirty fun color for spring. I love this time of the year. It is awesome! All the flowers are blooming, so pretty. I figured my allergies would be kicking in by now..but nothing. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself. lol

Today I am working most of the day, I do need to head out for my nail appointment and the gym. I should get a pedicure too, get rid of this ugly gold polish. ~Ugh~

I hope you all have a great Wednesday! ENJOY!

Pucker Up Baby!

Bigger is better! Hat, sunglasses and boobs!!

This mirror is too small or I am just too big!

Yes I am working on a tan line 🙂

Gold polish ~yuk~

~Aziani’s New Sexy Trailer~

Good morning world! Did you survive your Monday? Ready to take on a great Tuesday? I am!! I hate to brag, but it is another amazing day.. sunny and supposed to hit 87! Yayy! However, come Thursday…60’s and rain. So I must get out a bit today and enjoy it. 🙂

I accomplished a lot yesterday..I am feeling very happy about that. Today I am going to do the and work out. Probably take off after the gym and lay out in the sun a bit. Yes I wear my sunscreen and I always wear a hat and huge sunglasses for protection. I just love the way the sun feels on my skin..making sure to get my daily dose of Vitamin D. ha!

Speaking of vitamins, my doc put me on some new ones recently. Seems like a lot of pills to be swallowing in a day, but I am trying it. Feeling good so far! Thanks doc! has added a sexy new trailer. You must check it out…if you want to see some seriously stunning babes in action. Wow, it is awesome! Class.. Class.. Class!! Just click the photo of the foxy Lexxi Tyler.. we love Lexxi!! Mmmm~~~

Enjoy your day!! Make it a great Tuesday!

Playtime is over…back to work

Oh wow..what a fun weekend. I ate some delicious, but very fattening food over the past few days. Uh oh!! Back to the gym today, I need to cardio for at least an hour. I shopped a lot, but really didn’t buy much…just a few things. I bought a cute birdbath that I had to have, I noticed the birds were trying to drink out of my pool and hot tub, but the water level is too low. I don’t want them falling in. Yikes! So I thought they would appreciate a birdbath. I have so many birds in my backyard, I just love them! I also found some cool martini glasses that you put in the freezer, my martinis will always stay cold from now forward. They get nasty when they warm up. Yuk! Last but not least, I found a pair of heels I love. lol, shocking I know. I can’t pass up a sexy pair of shoes, especially when they are a great price. 😉

It was an awesome weekend…now I have to chance gears and get to work. It is supposed to be in the 80’s the next few days. I love it!

Ok..enough to work I go. I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

***New Video Added***

Good morning!! 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!! It is another gorgeous day here, sunny and warm! I think I might sit out by the pool for awhile today and soak up some rays. Yesterday was fun and busy so today I think I will relax. 😉

I added my new sexy video, so be sure to check it out! Good fun and naughty times!

ENJOY your Sunday!