Month: February 2010

~Off to California~

Happy Friday everyone, I really hope you have a great weekend!!! I am off to CA so I have a few things I need to finish before I head out. I am excited for a little time away. People always ask if I am going for business and/or pleasure..I can happily say BOTH! They go together, my business is pleasure! I love my job..I love you guys!! I promise to make some sexy & naughty content for you all. I will be thinking of always! 😉

I want to thank “John” for the yummy Omaha Steaks gift card. He knows the way to my heart..hehe! I do love a good steak! Since I was born and raised in Omaha, I know good meat ..ha!!! I am still pretty much sticking to my blood type diet and I feel great and am happy with the results! 🙂 I have tried the vegetarian thing twice in the past..didn’t do very good at all. Got very sick both times!! Since I believe in the blood type diet, now I know all makes sense. I rented the movie “Everybody’s Fine” last night. I remember the previews being a lot better than the movie, it looked kind of funny. It was not funny, it was emotional and sad. 🙁 I had a few tears running down my face. It was ok, just reiterated what I already know. Family is very important!!

Ok..enough babble, I must get some work done and head to the porn capital of the world. 🙂


Before                                                                              During                                                      After

Getting ready for California! :))

Good afternoon everyone! I am leaving in a few minutes to go have a pedicure. Ahhhh ..I am in heaven just thinking about it!! ~hehe~ I am going to pick out some bright red sexy polish! 🙂 I am getting everything organized today so I can head out to CA to shoot ..woohoo! Can’t wait! Plus I get to see some of my sexy girlfriends..including Heather Summers, Priya Anjali Rai, Tyler Faith, Mariah Milano..and maybe a few more depending on their schedules! Fun times ahead! 😉

I started packing last night …lots of clothes, lingerie, shoes and jewelry to go through. My suitcase is going to be packed super full! Oh..and not to forget my “toys!”

I spent several hours cooking for my furry friends this morning, trying to get all their food prepared for grandma and grandpa to feed them. That is a job..I’ll tell ya! I put so much time, money and energy into their diets..whew, it is all worth it though!! 🙂 My angels!

Ok..gotta run now. Have a great day!!


Sexy New Aziani Model Added!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your day so far!! 🙂 Mine is good and very productive!!

Hunter Bryce is the new beautiful model added to Aziani. Wow..she is soooo pretty..and OMG her body is to die for! You can see for yourself..check her out here

Have a great Wednesday!

A Super Sunny Tuesday!!

Woohoo, the rain is gone and the sun is out! 🙂 Not that I don’t like rain..but I am done with it for now. I have a lot of paperwork to gather together, I am meeting with my accountant today to go over taxes. Oh yuk! I always dread this day. 🙁 Wish me luck!

I am back on schedule at the gym…finally! Some days are so hard to get motivated to go. I guess getting naked in front of you all helps. lol! 😉

Have a great day!!!