Having fun on vacation!

Hey Hey!! I finally have some free time to say hello! I left for Cancun on the 23rd and my internet connection was soooo slow that I really couldn’t do much on my laptop. But HEY..I am on vacation so who needs an internet connection any ways? LOL! ME! I was there five days..had so much fun! The weather was perfect! Everything was awesome..the resort, the margaritas, the food (which is always important to me…~hehe~), the people and of course the nude beach ROCKED! I did get some sexy bikini photos on the beach. Wow..this bikini is HOT stuff. I will post a pic for you to see when I get back home. I am in Florida right now having a wonderful time. I love it here! It is so beautiful and once again the weather is perfect. I met up with friends on Friday and we spent the day at the beach in Hollywood…shopping ..eating …enjoying a few yummy cocktails. Good times! Yesterday Buzz and I shot two new hotties from Florida!! Sexxxy stuff coming soon! I am planning on going to DisneyWorld in the next few days and doing the “tourist things.” I figured since I was so close to Florida..might as well visit. I have not been to DisneyWorld since I was a little kid..can’t wait. Both my flights have been super smooth….of course the cocktails before helps. 😉 My flight home is loooong..over 5 hours. Yuk! I am not looking forward to that. Maybe I will just stay in Florida for awhile..ha! No..I do miss my doggies a lot! They are being cared for by grandma & grandpa..being loved very much. I will post some photos of my trip as soon as I return to AZ. K? Hope you are having fun times…you better be! You deserve it! Talk again soon!

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