Day: April 7, 2011

*Look who’s a brunette*

Hey everyone!! 🙂 I am finally feeling a little better. Wow, my allergies kicked my ass big time!! Not only did my allergies knock me down, but I also developed a nasty sinus infection. No wonder why I felt like a truck ran me over!! At least my head. lol! The pressure was insane!! I have never quite felt like that before. I couldn’t catch up on my sleep because I couldn’t breathe! A small problem! haha! I went to the doc yesterday and he gave me another allergy shot and some antibiotics. Yay! I can tell they are both working..I am hoping to be 100 percent in a few days. At least today I can function and get some work done. Hopefully your week has been better than mine!!

So the super sexy McKenzee Miles shot for Aziani again…this time as a brunette. She looks so’s not very often to see someone who looks stunning as a blonde and brunette both! You must check her out

Hope your Thursday is going great! I am just so happy to be feeling better, it makes me realize how important it is to stay healthy. Never ever take that for granted. Love you guys..and thanks for the “get well wishes”…that is so special to me!!!!! 🙂 🙂