Day: April 25, 2011

Love Life & Happiness!

I am in such a great mood today..I usually am, but some days are just better than others. 🙂 It’s very rare that I am in a bad mood, but it does happen. Life is too short for negativity, unhappiness and BS! I suppose spending the holiday with my family always reminds me what’s really important in life! My Easter was awesome! I enjoyed some delicious food, a few glasses of wine and pure relaxation outside on a perfect AZ day. I played a computer game with my little niece and we all played cards for a bit. I “watched” everyone jump on the trampoline…no way was I getting on that thing with my boobs bouncing everywhere. lol!! It was fun watching everyone be silly. Great times! 🙂

I have a full plate today…working a lot!!! I am taking time out this afternoon to walk my dogs and also go to the gym. Yet another gorgeous day..80’s and sunny!! Loving it! 🙂 Have a fabulous Monday!!!