Day: April 18, 2011

Monday already?

Whew… the weekends go fast, don’t they? I hope you enjoyed yours!!! Mine was super cool! Went out Friday night, I worked around my house on Saturday, hung out with Chica on Sat night and Sunday I relaxed most of the day. I did make it to the gym which is great on’s so quiet!! I grilled out after that and enjoyed some hot tub time. It felt so good on my bod. I really kicked ass in the gym yesterday..I am very sore today. I am going to get a little cardio in by walking my dogs, but my muscles need some time off today. 🙂 Don’t forget your taxes are due today..I am sure you already know that. Glad that is over for another year.

Here are a few pics from Friday night. We went out for happy hour and than moved on to an awesome restaurant for a nice dinner. They gave us free cotton candy. I haven’t had that since I was a is still pretty yum! 🙂 🙂 Fun times!!!

I will be around working all day today, gotta love Mondays!! 😉

Create a great day!

Dawn, Faith, Buzz, Rob and ME!! 🙂

Sharing cotton candy with Chica..yum!