Day: January 22, 2010

Yes…more rain the desert.

Hey Hey everyone, a BIG HAPPY FRIDAY to you all! I am in such a fantastic mood today and I really don’t even know why. lol! I am usually a very happy person every day, takes a lot to make me mad or upset. I am easy going and loving life, the small things matter the most. 🙂 However, I just feel extra happy today. I have been under a little extra stress lately with so much going on… maybe that is finally being lifted off my shoulders. January is always a rough month. ~Ugh~

I am glad it is Friday! 🙂 The rain continues…crazy weather. I did venture out in it yesterday, I needed to workout. Northern Arizona got a ton of snow and is expected to see another 20 inches today. The ski resorts will be happy about that. Woohoo

I hope you all enjoy your Friday!! Go have FUN!