Day: January 25, 2010

The early bird gets the worm!! :)

That’s me!! An early bird…I can’t help it. I suppose we are either born an early bird or night owl. I feel so good when I wake up, unless I had a shitty night of sleep. I used to take all my college classes in the morning because by afternoon I needed a nap. lol! And I mean first class was at 7:00. Only problem with that was winter in Nebraska…omg, getting up with snow and ice ..and freezing temps, walking to class in the dark. Ok that part did suck, but it sure woke me up. ha!

“Success comes to those who prepare well and put in effort.”

I had a nice day off yesterday, I needed it and enjoyed it very much!! I have a another HUGE week ahead! 🙁 Not really looking forward to it, but after this week is will be great!

Here are a few Iphone pics from the Saturday night. I posted them on twitter, that is why I took them with my phone. The quality sucks, especially at night. Buzz has the new Iphone and it does take better pics..I think I will upgrade my phone this week. I have the original one and it is in perfect shape, I can probably sell it. huh?

I hope you all enjoy your Monday! I will be around working most of the day, then off this afternoon to a few appointments.


Drinking a martini called skinny bitch! ~Yum~

A little cleavage.. just a little. ~wink~