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~Happy Friday~

Good morning everyone, yeah..Friday is here! I am ready to go have some fun today. I am going to shoot a new sexy video..can’t wait. I am really feeling fantastic today. My energy level is through the roof! Probably because I slept so good last night. I went for a super long walk with my dogs last night. Took a wrong turn and ended up a little lost. I had to take a short cut through the desert which is kind of scary considering it is snake season. Ugh! I grilled up some yummy chicken, had a glass of wine and slept like a baby. Wish I slept that good every night. The weather is so beautiful, it actually hit 101 the other day, but cooled back down in the 80’s. It is so hard to work on these days..spring fever hits big time. I am going to work until lunch ..and off to shoot my new video. Maybe relax in the hot tub tonight and look at the stars. I know I am a dork…but we must remember to take time out and enjoy the small things in life. I wish you all a FABULOUS FRIDAY!! Go enjoy~

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~Happy Earth Day~

Good morning!! Happy Earth Day everyone..let’s be sure to give Mother Earth some extra love today! Perhaps plant a tree? I am adding some photos I have taken of some cute critters. I am always snapping pics of animals and I thought today would be a good day to share some with you. We must take care of our earth ..not only for us, but all living creatures. 🙂 The horse is a wild horse that I ran across in the middle of nowhere. It was a hot summer day and she/he was trying to cool down. This snake was hanging out in my front yard and I was happy to see it was not a Rattler..or I would not have been that close to it. The big rabbit was chilling on the golf course …and the little one was in my yard digging a hole. My favorite was the Dove sitting on her eggs in my tree. Oh she was so cute! I would walk out everyday to make sure she was ok. The babies were adorable. Any ways…enough animal chat. Let’s talk about some sexxxxy photos that i just added this morning. I will post one tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow..I have a live cam show for my members!! It will be a great time, hope to see you there! I have a busy work day today..I hopefully can make it to the gym if I find time. I need to work out hard after all that horrible (good) eating I did this past weekend. Yikes! Have a great day and enjoy!!


Good morning!! Happy Friday! 🙂 Yeah..gotta love that! I was at the mall this week doing some shopping..I pulled up and there was a car on fire! Very strange! I had my camera so I am posting a few pics. Of course I got all hot and bothered over the sexxxy firefighters. Yummy! They sure made my day. Of course I felt sorry for the owner of the car..crazy, huh? A webmaster convention started Wednesday night so let’s just say I have been having my share of fun and will continue until Sunday. If I last that long. ha! Today I am going to a few seminars and after that there is a party at Hooters that should be fun …several others tonight. I am taking lots of pics to share with you all. K? I was the designated driver last night, but tonight I plan on having a few cocktails. It will have to be a taxi night. I hope you all have a great Friday..enjoy your weekend!!!