Day: February 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

A big good morning to you all! 🙂 I hope you made it through your Monday ok!! Mine was good..I am not a big fan of Mondays so I made the best of it. I took my laptop outside and worked until noon because the clouds starting rolling in and it got chilly..but I did enjoy being outside. The birds chirping and my dogs all snuggled up sleeping in the sun. The small things that we sometimes take for granted are the things that bring true happiness to our lives! I try and remember that every day! 🙂 Last night I went out to dinner and ate a yummy prime rib. One of my favorite restaurants has switched owners and everything is changing. The menu and even the name..which is ok. So good! I like the changes, they are good ones.

Today should be good as well. I am working getting caught up on things.. this afternoon I am off to the gym. It’s going to be a great Tuesday! 🙂

I hope you will enjoy yours too! Here are a few pics from yesterday. 🙂