Day: February 18, 2010

Off to run errands all day….

Good morning! Happy Thursday! 🙂 I am off today to run errands. I have a ton of things to go do…get groceries, go to the bank, post office, gym, nail salon, have my oil changed…and last but not least do a little shopping for my house. That is the fun part. 🙂

I met one of my friends b/f last night and he has like 20 cars. Not! Just to name a few…Bentley, Rolls Royce and 3 Hummers. I like this one!! Ha, it is a beast! Never quite seen a Hummer like this so I had to get a pic of it. I am hoping to shoot at his house someday. Wow, it is pretty amazing! It’s decorated Old World, the exact decor I like. Speaking of shooting I am going to California at the end of the month to shoot. Woohoo..can’t wait!

Ok..enough chat for now. I am off to get some work done..and head out for the day. Have a great one!