Day: February 20, 2010

~Thank You~

Happy Saturday everyone!! I hope you are having a great weekend so far!! 🙂 It just started raining here, it is super dark outside. Better today than tomorrow. I have a few people to thank today. A big thank you to Mike & Karen for the pet walk donation! I have raised $530.00… WOOHOO, I have reached my goal of $500.00. Of course thanks to all of you guys that donated. I am excited for the walk, hopefully the rain will be gone OR 4 wet dogs could get ugly. lol! Especially since they just got groomed ..they look so pretty and clean. They are excited to strut their stuff. lol

Thank you Eric for the beautiful diamond necklace. I love love love it!!! I can’t wait to wear it in a photo shoot. I will be shooting in CA at the end of this month so I will be sure to take it with me. Thanks so much, you have great taste babe!

I did have a few things planned today, but with the rain plans have changed. Soooo I am going to start cleaning my house. Maybe tonight go see a movie. Sounds good to me…especially since it is raining. Enjoy your day! Have fun!