Day: February 25, 2010

Getting ready for California! :))

Good afternoon everyone! I am leaving in a few minutes to go have a pedicure. Ahhhh ..I am in heaven just thinking about it!! ~hehe~ I am going to pick out some bright red sexy polish! 🙂 I am getting everything organized today so I can head out to CA to shoot ..woohoo! Can’t wait! Plus I get to see some of my sexy girlfriends..including Heather Summers, Priya Anjali Rai, Tyler Faith, Mariah Milano..and maybe a few more depending on their schedules! Fun times ahead! 😉

I started packing last night …lots of clothes, lingerie, shoes and jewelry to go through. My suitcase is going to be packed super full! Oh..and not to forget my “toys!”

I spent several hours cooking for my furry friends this morning, trying to get all their food prepared for grandma and grandpa to feed them. That is a job..I’ll tell ya! I put so much time, money and energy into their diets..whew, it is all worth it though!! 🙂 My angels!

Ok..gotta run now. Have a great day!!